Bookings and Trials

To book a place in any of the classes for your child please just email or use the contact form on this website. When booking we will need your child's full name, class at Belleville or age (if a senior student), a contact telephone number and if there are any medical issues we should know about about. Fees are payable for a full term when signing up, but if your child decides not do a class after the trial then no payment is due.

Fees and Payments

Fees are due every term and an invoice will be send out at the beginning of term. We now no longer take cheques or cash, the only way to pay is bank transfer. Details for this are on the invoice. The fees this term are as follows:

£165 for 11 weeks or £150 if paid within the first two weeks of term (early-bird deadline)

For siblings/second classes: £115 for 11 weeks or £100 if paid within the first two weeks of term (early-bird deadline)

The early bird deadline this term is Sunday 27th January 2019. All fees must be paid by Sunday 17th February.

Please note that from January 2019 our fees will increase and the fee will remain the same as above for a 10 week term. We have not increased our fees in 4 years so we think it is fair to do so now. We do plan to keep 11 week terms for the September - December term though for the next few years at least and keep the fees the same.

After School Classes - How does the change over work?

The Picnic Shelter.jpg

At Webbs Road Site - The Catch teacher will meet the students outside in The Hut (pictured) on the upper playground. Younger students will be collected from the class lines. On Tuesdays the students will need to meet in the picnic area, just next to the hut. Here they will be able to have their snack (you will need to provide) and then will make their way to the classroom. Students will then need to be collected from the picnic area after class from 4.45pm or on Tuesdays after 3.35pm.

At Meteor Road Site - The Catch teacher will collect the students from their classrooms or the playground straight after school. Older students can meet the teacher in the classroom/hall. The students will have time for a snack (you will need to provide) before class. Students will need to be collected from the reception area at the entrance to the school on Mondays and Thursdays at 4.45pm and on Tuesdays at 3.35pm.

Tuesday Dance Classes - For any junior students who attend Belleville and want to attend our tap and dance classes at Bolingbroke, Miss Emma can meet students outside the Belleville office at 4.45pm and walk over with them.

What Classes/Rooms are Used

We are still waiting to hear from the school for details of most classes but her is what we know so far....

Meteor Street

  • Mondays - Infant and Junior Drama - Hall

  • Tuesdays - Infant Musical Theatre -

  • Thursdays - Infant Ballet - Hall

Webbs Road

  • Mondays - Infant Musical Theatre -

  • Tuesdays - Infant Drama - 1C

  • Tuesdays - Junior Drama - 1R

  • Thursdays - Infant Drama -

  • Thursdays - Junior Drama -

  • Fridays - Infant Street - Top Hall

  • Fridays - Junior Musical Theatre - The Pod

Bolingbroke Academy

  • Tuesdays - Junior Tap - Dance Studio

  • Thursdays - Senior Contemporary and Drama - Dance Studio


Infant and Junior Classes at Belleville - Students are encouraged to wear a Catch t-shirt and put on shorts or leggings under skirts.
Senior Classes - Students should wear black leggings and a Catch t-shirt.

Musical Theatre
Students should wear a Catch t-shirt and black leggings.

Students should wear black tap shoes, black leggings or tights and a leotard of their choice. A Catch t-shirt can be worn on top. Hair should be neat and off the face.

Girls - students should wear pink ballet shoes, pink socks and a pink leotard with a skirt. I recommend the beautiful BBOdance approved uniform leotard which can be purchased here -
BBOdance Ballet Leotard
Boys - black ballet shoes and socks, (or white ballet shoes and white socks are fine also) black ballet shorts and a white leotard. I recommend the BBOdance approved uniform which can be purchased here - BBOdance Boys Leotard

Students should wear black leggings with a leotard of their choice. A Catch t-shirt can be worn on top.

Students should wear clean trainers, black leggings or joggers and a Catch t-shirt.

Catch T-Shirts
Catch t-shirts can be purchased by adding what you require to the booking form and the cost will be added to your termly invoice. Students will be given the t-shirts in class by their teacher. We hope to have an online purchasing option very soon!

Good online stores to purchase dance wear are:
Dance Direct
Move Dance Wear



Summer Show 2019

Please letters below for all the information you need!


Drama and Musical Theatre
We hold examinations with London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) for all age groups once every 2 years in the summer months. We offer solo and groups exams from introductory to advanced grades. We prepare our students very well for these exams and they are always an enjoyable experience for them.  They are really beneficial for students and we recommend them for most students, although they are not compulsory and will not effect class involvement. Our next exam sessions will be held in summer 2020. If you would like your child to enter a solo exam before this then please just contact us and we can arrange this. You can read more about LAMDA and their organisation here - LAMDA

We have just started offering ballet exams with the British Ballet Organization (bbodance) for students taking ballet class. We plan to offer our first exam session Easter 2019. This will only be for students who are ready to take part and for those who are not ready or can not take part, it will not effect their class enjoyment. You can find out more about bbodance here - bbodance

We offer exams with the National Association of Teachers of dancing (NATD) for contemporary dance. We plan to offer our next exam session when we feel the students are ready. For those who are not ready or can not take part, it will not effect their class enjoyment. You can find out more about NATD here - NATD